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Wolf Trials

Mila Young

Mom gives me two commands as cold as the snowstorm hitting our wolf town: join the Wolf Games & win. But then, I meet them. The two gorgeous shifters from rival packs, who are entering the games. Are they with or against me?

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This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Read an excerpt from Wolf Trials

“Like I said, you don’t belong here.” He hesitates, and I wonder if he’s debating saying human, wolf, hybrid, or something else entirely. “So, you’re going the wrong way, right?”

His brow furrows, broodily.

Why does it sound like he’s warning me?

I give him a mock laugh, pushing myself to swagger forward, so I can stop making a fool of myself by blushing. My stomach twists, as I stroll past him, and I can’t help the way my breath hitches.

I keep my chin high, however, refusing to show him how easily he’s affected me.

It doesn’t matter how handsome a shifter is, all wolves are dangerous, especially when they’re from an opposing pack. And I’m convinced that Emerald Eyes must be. No Sun Wolf would dare talk about Mom like he has because they would be scared of the big, bad Alpha.

“Look, you probably won’t listen to me, but I have to try. You’re making a mistake joining this pack,” Emerald Eyes warns.

Then to my surprise, he flashes a leisurely grin that’ll imprint on my mind for eternity.

Somehow, I’m having trouble focusing on anything but his smile, and the way he stands there, nonchalantly, confirms he knows the impact he has.
I narrow my gaze at him.

His persistence chases away my earlier embarrassment. “And if I were you, I’d get out of here before my mom, the Alpha, has you hunted down for talking like that .”

Instantly, I cringe.

Relying on the crutch of Mom’s power is something that I always promised myself I’d never do.

He watches me from behind hooded eyes, before he smirks. “Big words from such a pretty, little wolf.”

Okay, twice my size or not, I will find a way to kick his ass for that. Just not right now.

I glare at him as I hurry down the sloped hill. I sense his gaze on my back, but I don’t stop. Yet I can tell by the heavy footsteps behind me that he’s following.

“So, you’re the Alpha’s sick daughter, who was sent to heal with the humans,” Emerald Eyes says almost conversationally.

What, can he not tell by the literal fact that I’m walking away that the conversation is over?

“You don’t know anything about it.” I don’t look around. Perhaps, if I ignore him, he’ll go away. “Don’t pretend that you do.”

He laughs (why does the sound have to be so delicious?) “I know more than you realize. In the name of the Great Shadow Wolf, I guess that I simply know more than you, period.”

A surge of adrenaline pours through me.

I stop, whipping around to face him. “No, you don’t.”

He arches an eyebrow at me. He’s now standing a couple of feet away, protected by a canopy of branches from the rain. This close, I see the golden flecks in his green eyes, the faint shade of growth across his strong jawline.

How can one person be so easy on the eyes and a douche at the same time?

He folds his arms across his chest, and an amused expression washes across his face. “Aye, I know that you were born with wealth and power, that you have no understanding of what it’s like to be at the bottom of the pack hierarchy, unlike the Moon Wolves. And everything must come easy, when you have others serving you. Here’s the thing of it, I know all that too. But there’s a difference. You’ve been protected from the brutal truth of the wolf world. Tell me, how much blood have you spilled to retain the high position of your family’s pack status? I’m guessing not much, but do you bat an eye at those who have?”

I’m shaking with anger, and I curl my hands into fists. “Don’t you dare talk to me about not understanding sorrow and suffering.”

“Right, you were sick.”

It shouldn’t hurt. But it does.

I narrow my eyes at him. “Take your personal issues elsewhere and stay the hell out of mine. Trust me, if I have anything to do with it, we won’t be crossing paths again.”

A smile curls his lips like he’s succeeded in getting the reaction out of me that he intended. Then he moves toward me so fast that I barely have time to react. He’s right in my space. He leans in, and I can’t help but breathe in deeply, taking in his addictive masculine scent that makes my knees almost buckle.

“I sensed the way your wolf reacted to me, Sun Girl.” His gaze searches mine, as if for answers.

Then he steps back, stalking into the shadows of the woods.

I stumble, gasping for air, needing a moment to catch myself.

“Asshole,” I whisper under my breath.

The sound of his laugh echoes from deep in the woods.

What a psychopath!

A deliciously sexy psychopath, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous.