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He thought he was too old and broken for a love story, but fate had another plan...
Most people would call the ability to read minds a gift...
Dragon shifter Lachlan McKinney likes his logical and organized — not turned upside-down by the impulsive beauty who awakens forbidden passions... *** Buy the ebook - get the matching audiobook at a huge discount! ***
Magic, shapeshifters, and pots of gold? The surprises don’t end there... *** ‘Buy’ the ebook free - get the matching audiobook at a huge discount! ***
A thief with golden eyes. The spy who loves her. A mad scientist who will break hearts to expose her secrets.
She’s a skilled rogue vampire slayer, and he’s a legendary vampire with a death wish.
How will he face the love he left behind?
They say the holiday season brings out the crazies. Well whoever they are, they’re right!