Alpha Lyrae

 Book #1

When the men are monsters and the monsters are men.

Where do your loyalties lie?

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Dorshka Usefna?” The lilt at the end hints that he’s asking me a question. I still don’t know what he’s saying. Soaking in his warmth for a few more seconds, the words start tumbling out of my mouth before I can allow it to.

“I still don’t even know your name, but I’ve had the worst day.” Rubbing my cheeks against the plane of his naked chest, I let out a frustrated sigh. His arms pull me in closer, forcing my leg to wrap around him. “Men are strange creatures. I don’t understand what goes on in their mind.” Lifting my head, I stare at his eyes. He brings down his nose to run it across mine, and my heart constricts. It’s a welcoming pressure rather than one that threatens to tear me apart from over stimulation. “I am but a simple woman in a land ruled by men.”

Dorshka eekootot?”

The fortress in my mind breaks at this very moment. “My father says I need to wed. I can’t do this! I can’t be with anyone from the surrounding kingdoms, doesn’t he understand? They would shun me once they have to deal with me. I can’t bring that kind of shame to us. At least at home, everyone knows me from birth; they know my quirks. As for my new husband?” He growls and it makes me want to growl, so I do just that. “Surely, he’ll cast me aside and find lovers to warm his bed. Will I be finally locked away like a true princess then?”

Rolling away from him, I try to hide the tears that threaten to fall. “It’s probably better for me to be locked away. Then I wouldn’t have to deal with people.” His warm hand reaches over and forces my face back towards him. Too late. I can already feel the wetness between his palm and my cheek. 

Loktavo nas.”

My tears fall even harder as I wish I could understand what he’s saying; the sound of his voice soothes my soul. My emotions suddenly begin to cascade like the rolling tides of the sea the way the bards describe it in their songs.

“I’m trapped. This is all there will ever be for me.”