Pick of the Pack

Spring 2022

These reads are sure to satisfy — that's why we gave them our PofP seal. Take a look, see who made the cut!

Life lesson: Never get between a wolf and his mate. You won't enjoy it.
A mysterious pack of tarot cards reveals more than Laila’s future—it literally gives her the hottest man she could ever hope for.
He thought he was too old and broken for a love story, but fate had another plan...
Richard is driving her into a frenzy of need that only he can quench, tempting her with more than she could ever want.
Magic, destiny and romance combine in this bestselling action-packed fantasy series!
Things change in a blink of an eye and you will need to rise through the inferno…
A magical heritage. A threat in the forest. A sudden burst of powers.
This time, Kyra might finally set past wrongs to right.
A fairytale twist inspired by the Hades and Persephone myth.
A warrior maiden must find her place in the gryphon king’s court, where seduction and death are but the flick of an assassin's blade away.
One bite will change their lives forever.
In a world of kings, be a queen.
A sword-wielding Cinderella, an enchanting Beauty, and a villain who might not be so bad after all…
If you like impossible odds, wilderness planets, blue-skinned aliens and the tension of fated mates, you’ll love Protected by the Alien Space Pirate.
Zaq Kral didn't look like a monster. He looked like an angel in a T-shirt and jeans.
This Grumpy Special Ops bear shifter is former military, handsome and, only interested in one thing, protecting his fated mate.
Life has never been so dangerous. Good thing Violca’s about to meet her dragon.
Garnet has the blood of the legendary Morrigan – and legions of vampires and witches will go to war to possess that power.
Mates were trouble, and that's why Damon must refuse his wolf.
Most people would call the ability to read minds a gift...
Paris! City of dreams, shifter nightmares, and hot dragon heroes who can turn a woman’s life upside down.
Two dragon shifters, one human female, and sword crossing aplenty...this is not your mother's fairy tale.
One woman holds the key to making the fallen angels whole again…unless she allows the ghosts from the past to keep her from her future.
He’s nursing a broken heart, and he’s her first love… she just needs to tell him.
When you’re so bad at cooking that you summon a demon…
A spirit shifter must find her four mates or risk going insane, but the last thing she expects is love.
Even though she's a rejected mate, her love is this leopard shifter's only chance to save his soul.
I never expected to fall in love with him—my enemy. But then again, I never thought I’d break strict pack rules either.
If they can help her survive, can they also convince her that she's meant to be the mate for each of them?
Outcast due to their ability to manipulate time, shunned by the mortal and immortal worlds alike, a Traveller’s life is anything but easy.
This alien bought a date at a charity auction - now he thinks he owns her.
I just died…and ended up with a one way ticket to the Academy for Reapers. But first I have to pass my trial.