Pick of the Pack

Fall 2022

These reads are sure to satisfy — that's why we gave them our PofP seal. Take a look, see who made the cut!

In Club Immortality everything is not as it seems.
The day I meet my fated mate is the day I learn I have to kill her.
Humans destroyed this world. The Fae rebuilt. Thousands of years later, humans want it back.
The only way to save Cormac is to find our female...
Why did I let my sisters talk me into doing this?
Love lurks right around the corner...but it might be too dangerous to pursue.
Jaden was dead... Until Piper strode into his life.
Magic & mayhem, I can handle. Two men determined to claim me? Not so much.
Magic cost me my past, but can it save my future?
What happens when a princess chooses a monster over men?
A warrior dragon convinced there is no second chance at love...a rejected mate who just wants the chance to prove him wrong...a monster who wants to destroy them both.
She needs time to accept she’s mine… and my time is running out.
A witch and vampire romance with humor and suspense
Her life wasn’t all bad until she woke up a vampire.
Gargoyles and gods clash against evil. Can one weary soldier wield a celestial force to save the world?
Gabe isn’t interested in taking a mate, no matter what the hell his dragon thinks…
He’s used to being alone and enjoys the solitude but…when a stubborn man makes him want things he never has; he’ll have to decide will he go after the Dark Embrace.
A man will come to you in the darkest moon.
Alien vampire dentist Dr Fang (yes, really) isn’t looking for love, let alone his fated mate, until he meets Dani...
He's lost all control, and only she can soothe his savage beast, until the day she decides to give up that power.
In a territory of saloons, saddles, and supernatural outlaws, Gracie's posse faces new danger.
No pest is too big or too small to ruin Christmas.