Ebony's Legacy Year One

 Book #1

I wanted revenge, but like my sister before me, I can’t control my powers. My anger gets in the way and everybody knows it, because my stupid horns pop out of my head when I get mad.

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I stopped and gasped. “Gunnar.”

I had forgotten he had said he would meet me in the locker room and secured the terrycloth belt around my waist tighter. He sat on a bench quietly. The dampness had made his white hair curl slightly and his deep blue eyes held my gaze.

“You forgot I was coming?”

Luckily the robe hit just above my quaking knees, but still I could barely breathe. Crap, I was completely naked underneath the robe and with one firm yank of his hand, I’d be standing here in all my glory. And yet, something inside me wanted him to do it.

God, was it the bronze dragon making another appearance? No, this wasn’t happening. I wasn’t ready for this, not yet. Or was I?

I licked my lips and scanned the locker room. “You shouldn’t….you shouldn’t be here. You heard what Anton said.”

“Nothing will ever keep me from you.” My heart thundered and blood rushed through me as he closed the distance between us. He pushed a lock of hair behind my ear and brushed his lips over mine softly, teasing me with a taste of what would come. He slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me to his broad chest, making my breasts tingle.

“Why are you here?”

He grinned mischievously.  “What guy wouldn’t want to lurk in the girls’ bathroom to see a beautiful woman?”

Heat burned my cheeks all the way down to my curled-up toes. “Did you watch me in the shower?”

“No. I’ve been sitting here the whole time fighting, my desire.”




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