Lay Me Down

 Book #1

In Club Immortality everything is not as it seems.

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Moving from the wall, he walked purposefully across the floor. He ignored everything around him. He had one goal—her. Her chest rose and fell as he drew closer. Finally standing before her, he raised his hands and met hers with his, twining their fingers together.

He undulated his hips in time with hers and let her feel his hardened shaft. They hissed simultaneously at the first touch. Bringing up her arms and placing them around his neck, he put his face close to her neck and inhaled her scent. She smelled like sin and sex. The scent of her arousal gripped him. His cock hardened and lengthened even more. Running his hands along her forearms, then down her sides, he felt her quiver. He continued the path to her waist and cupped her lush hips.