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Born From Darkness

Charmaine Ross

Cate is changing into something Other. Something animal. The broody man who rescues her is her only hope of survival. She has no idea who wants her dead – or why. Hunter is forbidden but she has no choice but to trust him. With her heart on the line, she’ll need to uncover the truth about her protector and herself to survive.

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This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Read an excerpt from Born From Darkness

“Need…please,” she whispered.

His eyes widened. He sucked in a breath through his nose. Relief poured through her as his lips crashed against hers. She moaned out loud as his tongue dove into her mouth, clashing against hers. She sucked his tongue, licked his lips, tightened her fingers on his nape and gouged the skin on his bicep.

His large palm firmed on the back of her head, and his arm banded about her waist, locking her against him. His grip tightened to the point of crushing her. This pain she could handle. This pain was good.

She shifted herself into his lap. Her thigh bumped his firm erection. She pressed against it, trapping his cock between her thigh and his abdomen, satisfied when a full body tremor rocked through him.

Her arousal spiked. She drew his tongue into her mouth, sucking on it as she rocked against his thick, solid shaft. Slick gathered between her legs as her bones liquified with arousal.

His taste was ambrosia. His body, her world. Her need spiralled into its own living entity, driving her actions. Desire thrummed through her veins. Her skin tightened as mindless need coursed through her.

Heat flared across her skin. She sweated beneath her clothes. She was wearing too many clothes. They were too tight. Too constricting. She needed them off the way she needed his hard heat between her thighs, pumping into her. It was the only way she would get relief from the storm raging inside her.

She shifted in his lap, moving to splay her thighs around his hips. Needing to rub the part of her that hurt so much. There was a sharp sting on her scalp when Hunter tightened his grip on her hair and pulled her head back. He shook her head and she realised he was talking to her.

“Cate, can you hear me?” Hunter said, his voice a growly rasp.

Cate blinked open her eyes, his angry face filling her vision. She would have swayed against him if he wasn’t holding her upright. “What?”

She meant to say what was wrong with her, but she could only get one word out. All that mattered was his mouth on hers. His cock inside her, where it belonged. She mewled when he held her too far away from what she needed.

“Pull yourself together.” His raised voice cut through the sensual fog in her brain. She didn’t want to leave the warm place she was in. Her need was too great.  Why wasn’t he giving her what she needed?

“Need,” she moaned and winced as his fingers firmed.

He growled, but this wasn’t the growl she needed to hear from him. This was an angry growl. Was he angry? At her?

“What the hell were you doing?” He cursed under his breath. “I should have stayed with you. Jesus, I shouldn’t have kissed you either.”

Their kiss was amazing. He wanted to kiss her as much as she needed him to. Didn’t he? Her watery vision cleared. The hard edges of his face, as well as the scowl, came into focus.

“You don’t want to…kiss me?” Hurt unlike any she’d known cut through her heart as effectively as a butcher’s knife. 

His hand on her waist tightened and released, “No. I don’t want to kiss you.”

She gasped as she realised what she’d been doing and cold reason sliced through her desire. She’d practically thrown herself at him. Demanded he kiss her. The man detested her. She forced her hand off his nape, pulling away from him. At the scathing look on his face, her arousal shrivelled into a tiny ball inside her.

“I…” She didn’t understand what had overcome her. Maybe it was because she was just so damned grateful he was there at the right time. Yes, she was grateful. That was all.