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Magic Bonded

Charmaine Ross

I’m captured by dragon shifters. They say I’m their fated mate. If they discover I’m magical, I’ll be put to death.

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Read an excerpt from Magic Bonded

“You need to tell me you want my touch on your body, Little Mate. You need to tell me you want me to bring you pleasure,” Damon rasped.

He wanted to bring me pleasure. I shouldn’t want it, but I did. I should try to force his teasing, maddening touch from my mind. But I couldn’t. I wanted him to touch me, but the words were stuck in my throat and all I could do was feel as he continued those slow, hypnotizing, agonizing touches on my waist, my arms, my shoulder. The sheet was too hot. Too harsh. I wanted to kick it off so he could touch me everywhere without anything between us.

I wished my brain would kick into gear, kick my rear end and throw some sense into me, but the needy ache crumpled up any logic and threw it away in the trash.

“Tell me, Anise. Let me kiss you. Say the word and I will bring you the pleasure you seek,” Damon growled, his lips ghosting along my jawline where he pressed a kiss to my temple. So gentle. So reverent.

Not nearly enough.

Pleasure. Gods, yes, that was what I wanted. I needed it from his touch like I needed to draw my next breath. I squirmed on his lap, my insides unraveling, burning with need.

I shouldn’t feel like this. I had to stay rational. Calm. I could end this torture if I got off his lap, but my body wouldn’t respond.

His dark chuckle vibrated through my ear. “Tell me, Little Mate. Or I won’t be able to kiss you the way you want me to.”

He nuzzled my ear and his lips grazed my neck. Goosebumps scattered down my chest and caused my nipple to bead into hard points I was sure could be seen through the sheet. His touch was a drug I had to have. “Gods, please. Kiss me. Please.”

“As you wish, my mate.”

He dipped his head to my neck and his warm breath skated over my skin. He nipped my jaw with his teeth before cushioning the slight sting with his lips. I shivered, my breath caught in my lungs as he captured my lips, pressing them gently to mine. The tip of his tongue swiped out to trace the inner seam of my lips before they disappeared. 

“Hmmm. You taste so good, Anise.” Damon’s growly voice sank into me as though it was a physical touch. I shivered, my head falling to the side to allow him to kiss along my sensitive skin before he sucked my earlobe into the wet heat of his mouth.

His touch…his lips were becoming everything. And oh yes, when his tongue darted out to skim over my neck, I shivered.

“Oh, Gods,” I breathed. I threw my head back, neck arching, as he suckled my sensitive skin. Desire burst through. I needed his mouth back on mine. Needed to taste him. To feel that hot, wet slide of his mouth on mine.

“I am your mate and I will always bring your body pleasure,” Damon whispered, his lips never leaving my throat. “I will never leave you wanting.”

He captured my mouth, sucking his lips on mine before his tongue swept into my mouth. Invading. Exploring. I welcomed him, meeting each lash of his tongue against mine.

Yes. Yes, this was what I wanted. This pleasure. This bliss. Somehow my fingers tangled in his thick, soft hair and I was tugging the short strands to me as he devoured me, but then if I kissed him more, there was no limit to what I’d allow him to do to me, and I wanted him to do everything that passed through my mind. I used my grip to pull him back. He relented, breaking our kiss, but only moved far enough away for me to see dark eyes filled with warmth, laced with smug male satisfaction.

“Next time, you’ll scream for me to put my hands all over your delectable body and not only my mouth and tongue,” he rasped.

My body jolted, as though his hands were already on my body, the image conjured in my mind too vivid to ignore. Damon’s nostril flared as he scented the air, breathing in deeply. His pupils dilated and heat flared. A rumble started at the base of his chest, making my core throb in response.

“I can see you like that idea too, Little Mate. I can smell your arousal,” Damon said.

I shivered at his promise and my core swelled, my body seeing no reason he couldn’t do that right now. 

“Naet!” Damon’s eye flicked over me as he barked out the word, filled with alpha power. It zinged through me, slamming me from the hazy euphoria that had woven around me. My eyes snapped open, on alert, and my body went from sated to full out terror.