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Dating a Werewolf

Abbey MacMunn

Alpha werewolf, Grayson Beckett, thinks money can buy anything—including a wife. But when he joins Love Bites, a dating agency for supernaturals, finding a mate proves harder than he thought. To help her boss, dating agency coach, Jamie Osborne, reluctantly agrees to go on a date with Grayson. After all, she’d dumped her cheating fiancé at the altar, she could handle an arrogant werewolf, right?

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Jamie’s steps faltered. 

Holy crap! Jason Momoa eat your heart out. 

A giant of a guy with long, shaggy hair the colour of ebony faced her, his massive frame making mincemeat of the doorway to his English country mansion. 

He wore a faded black T-shirt that showed off biceps the size of melons and a chest built like a wall. Khaki combat trousers and walking boots completed his look, along with leather plaited bracelets and a silver ring depicting a skull. 

Aren’t werewolves supposed to be allergic to silver?

Never mind. What was wrong with her? No man, werewolf or otherwise, had made her belly tingle for a long time—not that she was interested. Men were off the menu, and she was here on business. “Hello, I’m Jamie Osborne from Love Bites dating agency. I believe Mr Beckett is expecting me?”

“I am. You’re late,” came his rude reply, his deep voice gravelly and sexy, and… 

Her Chihuahua poked his head out of her handbag and yapped.

Squaring her shoulders, she climbed the stone steps to his level. Although thankful she’d gone for the high heels, it didn’t help with the height difference. The guy towered above her like one of the age-old trees that surrounded his mansion. 

His nostrils twitched as he sniffed the air. “You’re human?” He seemed genuinely surprised.

She offered her hand. “Yes, I am. And you’re a werewolf. Is that going to be a problem?”

“No, it’s not a problem.” His tone suggested the opposite.

Jamie dropped her hand, but she refused to be intimidated by the gruff giant. “I can come back later if it’s not convenient, but it won’t take long. I’ll take you through the sign-up process on my laptop in no time.” She smiled sweetly. “It’s really not that difficult.” He might be built like a rhino, but he was still a dumb technophobe.

At that moment, a movement behind him caught her dog’s attention and before she knew what was happening, Cujo leapt out of her bag and ran between the guy’s legs, straight into his home. 

Jamie slapped a palm to her cheek. “Cujo!”

His surly attitude softened, and a hint of amusement glinted behind dreamy eyes the colour of mocha. Intriguing flecks of gold caught the afternoon sunlight like glitter. 

“You named your Chihuahua Cujo?” His mouth curled into a smile. 

“What’s wrong with that? Sorry, but I need to find him.” She craned her neck to look around him. 

He laughed, a deep rumble inside his chest that made her stomach tingle again. 

“You’d better come in then.” He stood back to let her in. “Anything to do with the book of the same name?”

His frame still filled most of the space. As she side-shuffled past, standing as tall as she could, he put his hand on the open door, trapping her. 

Heat radiated off his body. His scent surrounded her, earthy and masculine. 

Her cheeks warmed as she met his intense gaze. “Yes, but he’s not rabid, I promise.”

“I couldn’t tell by the way he shot through my legs.”

Did he have to mention legs? Hers were turning to jelly.