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Reason to Love

Sedona Venez

Vampire princesses can’t be tamed… unless it’s by a dominant Alpha Shifter desperate to make her his mate…

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I ran a hand through my sleep-tousled hair. “Good morning, Reason,” I drawled huskily, making no attempt to conceal my straining erection. 

“Good morning, Jackal.” She almost purred her words while tossing her long auburn hair. 

I could tell she’d just washed her hair this morning from the damp strands sticking together between the dried. My stomach tightened. My eyesight was more acute than ever. Something wasn’t right.

Reason quirked a brow in my direction. “Are you done eye-f*cking me, shifter?” 

My eyes locked with hers. “Not quite.” I paused. “Why don’t you turn around, place your hands on the wall, and pretend you’re under arrest? I want to check out that sweet ass of yours.” My c*ck grew hard at the mere thought.

She frowned. “I hate to disappoint you, wolfie, but that sh*t is not happening—ever,” she snapped before walking forward and dropping the folded clothes in her hands onto the bed. 

I could smell her arousal, and the delicious scent almost made me slam her to the floor and f*ck her like a recently released prisoner. 

Reason’s eyes were cold when she continued. “Now get dressed and get the f*ck out of my house before my father’s enforcers stop by for their daily check on me.” She stepped back and eyed me. “I washed your clothes. They’re a little worse for wear with the holes and rips, but I got most of the blood out.” She pointed over to the far end of the room. “My bathroom is over there. I also called Ryker and told him where you were. He’s sending someone over to get you.”

My brows knitted. She was all business, like she was checking items off a list. Her perfunctory manner fucking irked me. I had no intention of being dismissed by her that easily. I widened my stance, and my erection bobbed against my stomach. Reason hissed as her eyes locked on to my length. 

My inner wolf pranced about like a show horse, chanting, Hey! Look at me! Look at me!

“Eyes up here, vampire,” I ordered. 

“Why?” She batted her eyelashes, almost comically. “When the view down there is just so much better.”