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Legacy of Shadows

Lisa Blackwood

– Do you love Epic Urban Fantasy Romance with kick-butt protector heroines?

– Fiercely loyal heroes ready and willing to absolutely annihilate any enemy stupid enough to threaten the people they love?

– Unbreakable bonds of enduring friendship and love against all odds?

If yes, then let me welcome you to my Epic Kickstarter for the Gargoyle & Sorceress Universe, an realm-crossing contemporary/portal/urban fantasy romance world full of intrigue, covens, ancient fae, brave human soldiers, immortal avatars, an evil demigoddess set on ruling all three realms, and even a cunningly vicious and very morally grey elemental dragon villain trying to come to terms with the fact that even he isn’t evil enough to just sit back and watch the three realms burn.

Why Kickstarter? I’ve long wanted to do something fun for my existing fans as well as new readers coming into my fantasy world for the first time. But the regular retailer avenues don’t lend themselves well to creating and sharing interesting extras like limited edition hardcovers, posters, bookmarks, cover art prints, maps, and other rewards.

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This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Read an excerpt from Legacy of Shadows

Really, there are only three types of shit storms. First, there’s the ‘this is some bad shit, but I’ll escape with only a few new scars.’ Second, there’s the ‘Oh, Mother of God, I’m screwed, but I’m damned well going to take down the other bastard before he kills all my buddies,’ and then as a grand finale there’s the ‘I’m fucked. You’re fucked. Everybody is fucked. We’re all going to die.’

Anna decided her present situation was somewhere between the last two. She wasn’t at all sure if the four-armed, four-legged monstrosity holding her broken body in two of his massive hands was trying to heal her or kill her.

To judge by the pain, she’d guess kill. But then again, the prolonged agony wasn’t what she’d pegged as Lord Death’s modus operandi. Wasn’t Lord Death supposed to be the ‘good’ twin? Before all this started, didn’t the Avatars consider him a friend?

Just then another wave of Death’s acid-like power flowed across her skin and she screamed, her voice as broken as her battered body felt. Time was meaningless, the only certainty was that she’d been screaming for a frigging long time.

So much for a battle-hardened soldier.

The endless onslaught of Death’s magic continued to rush across her skin and into her body. Deeper, always digging deeper. Was he trying to rip out her soul? God be merciful. Please let it end.

“Soon,” a beautiful male voice whispered into her ravaged mind. “It will be over soon. And I promise you, once this is done, you’ll see that I am a friend.”

Friend? Dafuq you say! The Avatars needed better friends.

Anna blinked as sight slowly returned. Until then, she’d been blind to everything except the endless pain. A foot or two in front of her, a beloved and familiar, if a little blurry, image formed.


A muzzle dipped low and lapped at her face, washing the stinging sweat out of her eyes.

Yes. That was the kid. Did that mean this was almost over?

She blinked a few more times.

No. Not over. Lord Death was still holding her in his two lower hands while the upper two poised above her, pouring a torrent of power upon her. Shadowlight was sitting next to her, perched on Lord Death’s thumb with his tail wrapped around the giant’s wrist.

The sight made her feel something besides pain: tiny.

She felt as insignificant as a mosquito.

Her mind continued to clear. The pain grew less intense. Still dazed, she shook her head and blinked up at Shadowlight. The power was flowing across his skin as well, but he seemed unharmed.

Anna licked her lips and forced her mouth to form words.

“You okay, kid?” The words came out more of a wheeze.

He bumped his muzzle against her cheek. “I’m fine. You’re the one who nearly died.”

“Nearly? You mean I’ll actually survive this?” Whatever the fuck ‘this’ was.

Shadowlight glanced up at Lord Death. The giant nodded but continued to focus on his work. Which, apparently, was not peeling her like an orange to get to the juicy soul within.

Who would have guessed?

“Lord Death is working to undo the damage the blood witch’s magic inflicted upon your soul,” Shadowlight explained. “He says it’s much more complicated when the soul is housed in flesh, but I begged him to save your life.”

There was something more behind the words.

Oh, God. What had the kid bargained to save her life?