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Cali Mann & Elena Gray

A goddess on the run, three sexy warrior protectors, and a special concert in the hilarious, quirky town of Silver Springs. Grab your copy of USA Today Bestselling authors Elena Gray and Cali Mann’s hot paranormal rom com now.

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I stared at the three idiots, wondering what in the hell was wrong with them . . . or wrong with me for that matter. Was there something about them I was supposed to recognize? I did notice something was different about them after I unleashed my magic, but I was too frustrated to figure out what it was. As far as I knew, I hadn’t met any of them before tonight. Thank the gods.

Unless I’d hit my head when I fell earlier and now had amnesia. I pressed my hands over my eyes and groaned. Please don’t tell me that I’m actually married to one of these creeps and can’t remember. After the day I was having, that would be just my luck, to be the victim of a cheesy TV movie. Just to erase any doubt, I ran my fingers carefully across my scalp, searching for any bumps or cuts.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I found nothing but sticky soda coating my wig. Which was disgusting but not the worst thing that had happened to me today. While the idea of being married to an incubus might be every other woman’s sexual fantasy, it definitely wasn’t mine. At least not with this incubus. After he touched me, I felt like I needed a scalding hot shower with a sandpaper washcloth. And speaking of a shower . . . I needed to find Pepper and see if I could use her place to clean up before I left tonight.

“Mars?” Dan pushed his way forward, trying to catch my attention. “Do I need to lift you above my head like I used to?” He bent his arm, flexing to form a muscle. When it didn’t so much as move an inch, he curled his lip in disgust and dropped his arm to his side.

What in the Hades was he talking about? With the music so loud, I had to have heard him wrong. Lift me over his head? Was that some kind of kink thing that he was into? Well, I wanted no part of it. Absolutely not. And what did he mean used to? First, I had never met Dan before tonight, and second, the guy didn’t look like he could lift a paperweight, let alone a grown woman. If there was one thing I knew for sure about Dan, it was that he was delusional, and I needed to leave before he attempted to bench press me.

I scanned the crowd for Pepper, but with all of the people around me bouncing to the music, it made it difficult to find her petite frame. I hoped she’d managed to ditch my uncle and was working on a getaway car for us. Maybe she had tried to call me. Opening my purse, I dug my phone out and swiped the screen. There were dozens of missed texts.

I was about to open the first message, when Officer Tucker spoke. “Or chase you into Hera’s garden? Remember how angry she got when she found us?”