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What if the Sugar Plum Fairy was a Dark Fae Prince? What if Mother Gingerbread had a hot Viking son? And the Mouse King was a shifter bad boy?

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The sound of galloping coming toward us caught my attention. I looked around, wondering if I’d see humans riding horses or mythical beings like centaurs. It turned out to be two ethereal men who were far too pretty to even look at charging toward us astride their horses.

Fae princes. Like in Drosselmeyer’s stories.

I was starting to question my sanity when they stopped just a few feet from us, looking more like gods than men. They practically glowed, one with a violet aura, the other dewy green, and don’t think I missed their pointy ears under their long flowing locks. Were they some kind of grown-up fairy men? Were the little pixies who’d worked so hard to help me and Nuss their children?

“Princess Clara. Forgive us for taking so long to find you. Are you well? Have you been injured?” The man who glowed with a soft green aura jumped off his horse, pulled me into his arms, and kissed me frantically. 

Those same tingles that skittered through me when I saw first Nuss and then later the warrior with the mice warmed me once again. The way he explored my mouth as if kissing me was his last dying wish, and the feeling of this being so incredibly right, made me forget for a good long minute that I didn’t know him, and he certainly hadn’t asked my permission to get so up close and personal.

When he broke the kiss, I felt as though I’d been drinking delicious dandelion wine. He placed a hand on my cheek, then I was whisked into the other man’s arms and the tingles started all over again. I looked up into eyes that were as purple as a ripe summer plum. He stared back down at me like I was the most beautiful girl in the world.

“You are even more delectable than I imagined you would be.” He lowered his mouth to mine and where the other kiss had been excitingly frenzied, this one was slowly sensual, intoxicating, and sweet. He literally tasted like sugared fruit and brandy. 

If this was about to turn into a sex dream, I was so down for that. I still liked a good fairy tale, but if it was much dirtier, I could confess my sins at church tomorrow. Tonight, I would happily revel in this male appreciation and passion. It’s not like I had much of that in real life. That’s what dreams were for, right?

“Luscious princess, where is Nuss? Why has he delayed your arrival? You two haven’t—” He waggled his eyebrows at me.

“What? No. Oh, no, no. Nuss was injured in a fight. A warrior with an army of mice, said he had come to kidnap me.” I was thoroughly embarrassed that I’d gotten so distracted by these handsome men and their kisses that I hadn’t immediately directed them to Nuss. They might have first aid supplies or at least be able to take us somewhere with a doctor.

The green fairy dropped to the ground beside Nuss and ran his hands over the injuries from the sword, and his broken arm. “I see you’ve started the healing process. Apologies, did we interrupt you?”

“Me? I didn’t do anything but give him a bit of the hot chocolate these nice little pixies brought us. I was hoping you’d know some first aid or where the closest doctor is located.” I glanced between the two men and saw they both had surprised looks on their faces.

He rose and cupped my cheek. “Then the stories are true. You truly don’t know who and what you are.”