A Whisper of Bone

 Book #6

Cryptobiologist Ryan Nolan returns to New Haven to investigate rumors of a dragon but instead stumbles upon a murder that leads him to his long-lost love, Charlotte. As they team up to uncover a cryptozoological conspiracy, their bond grows stronger amidst unimaginable danger. Will they survive the unknown?

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Such an expressive face, Ryan’s. In a flash his visage might morph from amused laughter to ice cold command. The dark slash of his eyebrows would lower, and the light blue of his eyes would freeze. Laughter would fall away from his lips as they narrowed into focused concentration. It was a deeply disconcerting experience to witness, like watching mercury solidify and wondering if hell was about to freeze over.

He was also the most uncooperative man she’d ever met, which was saying something. And the most observant. You wanted him with you, not against you. Sneaking up on him was a near impossibility. Which was why Charlotte hadn’t even tried.

But surprising him? Quite satisfying. And she decided she wasn’t done yet. Grabbing his cravat, she yanked his mouth close, her kiss desperate and punishing, much like the bite of coffin varnish on his lips. How dare he raise her hopes of a future together, then abandon her when she’d needed him most? How dare she still miss him, miss the rough scratch of his beard against her skin, miss his company every single night the sun began to set on the horizon?

In a flash of movement, his hands gripped her hips and hauled her into his lap, deepening the kiss. Heat flooded her body, filling her with rising need and frustrated desire and—