Once Rejected, Twice Shy

 Book #1

First, he rejects her. Then he tells her that she’s a faery princess! That’s a whole lot to take in for this forty-year-old who has always believed she was human.

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Mikail flattened his hand against the wooden surface for a moment before inching the door open, just enough for him to be able to see who was on the other side. And then he opened it all the way to reveal…


Faith tilted her head and studied the furry animal standing in her hallway. “Is that a wolf?”


Not like an oversized husky, but an honest-to-goodness wolf. A really big one, too. Faith’s only experience with wolves was in movies and at the zoo, and this one was the size of those dire wolves from Game of Thrones.


Ignoring her question, Mikail addressed the wolf. “Have they been taken care of?”


The wolf nodded.




“Warriors?” Mikail asked, still talking to the wolf.


The wolf cocked its head like it was partially agreeing with his question, and seriously, was Faith honestly starting to believe he was able to communicate with a wolf?


“Wolves?” Mikail asked. At the wolf’s nod, he added, “Fae?”


The wolf shook its head.


Mikail’s brow furrowed, like he was confused by the animal’s response. But then he nodded smartly and said, “Thank you, Dru. As usual, you came through when needed.”


Faith stared at the wolf. “Did that wolf just roll its eyes at you?”


Now it was smirking.


“This is insane,” Faith said.


The wolf shook—actually acting like an animal this time—and then lifted its snout—saying goodbye, maybe—before turning on its haunches and strutting down the hall.