Ghouls Don't Scamper

 Book #6

Kyra Greene, exiled Valkyrie, never thought she’d return to Asgard. Not after she burned the only bridge home. But now, with her unborn child’s life at stake, she must find a new route to the old world or die trying.

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“That was some fight,” I said. “How did you know how to kill the entomo?”

“Ah, we used to catch ‘em for a lark as kids. I had to make a bit of a show of it first. Damn but I hate those things. Look at the bites.” He inspected his upper arm. Red welts puckered the skin. The pixie medics tsked and dabbed more cream on him. He waved them away.

“Enough. I’ll survive the night. Go pester someone else.” The pixies fluttered out, taking their baskets of herbs, pots of cream, and dirty towels with them. The remaining towel barely covered Huyn’s important bits, and I was glad it stayed in place. He grabbed a fresh towel off a nearby stack and rubbed his damp hair.

“I heard you were in Montreal,” he said. “Nasty business with your cousin a few months back.”

“I believe you had a hand it that.” I kept my tone light. No matter what had happened with Gunora, I needed Huyn on my side now. “I know a couple of goblits who still talk about the giant who kidnapped them.”

“Aw, you’re not here to bust my balls over that, are you? They were never in any real danger, you know.” Huyn grinned and shook his curly mane. He really was a handsome devil—chiseled chin and cheekbones, blue eyes that danced with humor, a full kissable mouth…

I shook my head as if to clear it of cobwebs. The Jotnar charm was strong with this one. Even now, I could feel his magic twining around me like I was a bug in his web. It would be easy to let myself sink into that web. 

I sighed and strengthened my personal wards.

“No, I’m not here to bust your balls. Though we will have a conversation about that at some point. Right now, I need your help.”




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