Pick of the Pack Archive

My soul mate rejected me and chose another wolf instead.
His dragon wants her, but he must decide if she’s out to destroy his people or claim his heart.
Warrior maiden Iltani must find her place in the gryphon king’s court where death is only an assassin's blade away.
Could humans be the key to saving this sexy alien's species?
Luck's a funny thing.
When love isn't enough . . .
He’s used to being alone and enjoys the solitude but…when a stubborn man makes him want things he never has; he’ll have to decide will he go after the Dark Embrace.
Unexpected emotions led to a heated encounter that will change them.
When the legends of old are told, the life of humanity is tied to a book and in the book is the resting place of the being that can herald Armageddon or our redemption...