Havoc Under the Hunter's Moon

 Book #2

There’s a supernatural war on the horizon, and the only way to keep my family safe is to turn myself over to the pack’s enemies. But my grumpy, sexy, wolf shifter bodyguard won’t let me. If I’m lucky, I’ll make it out of this mess alive. My heart, on the other hand, might be a lost cause.

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Before Annika could recover from her surprise, I lunged. Grabbing her elbows, I spun her around and hauled her back against my chest. I brought my mouth to her ear.

“You gonna be good?” I murmured. “No kicking? No hitting?” Unable to resist, I brushed my lips over the pulse point behind her ear and slowly inhaled her spicy fragrance.

She whimpered and her body melted into mine, as if she couldn’t help it, as if yielding to me was the most natural thing in the world. “Yes,” she breathed. “I’ll be good.”

My heart kicked. A rumble rolled from my chest. Shivering, Annika angled her head to one side, baring her throat in an act of submission any dominant wolf would recognize. The soft, vulnerable skin on the slope of her neck called to the predator in me. I brought my mouth to the spot. My canines descended, and I scraped my fangs across the fragile flesh.

Bite her, the wolf urged. Take her to the floor and claim our mate.

I froze. My fangs retracted.

What the fuck was I thinking?

Shuddering with the effort, I gently pushed Annika away from me.

One stumbling step, then Annika turned on her heels and faced me. She trembled. Her rapid heartbeat tapped against the skin at the base of her throat. A pink flush stained her cheeks.

“Sorry,” I choked out.

“Why?” She lifted her chin and met my eyes, her expression defiant. “I kind of like it when you manhandle me.”

For the second time today, the little human left me speechless.

A new scent wafted toward me. My spine snapped straight and my nostrils flared. Parting my lips, I tasted it, the unmistakable tang of feminine desire. Shock jolted through me, sizzling along my nerves.

Annika wanted me.




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