Claim: Puss in Boots Retold

 Book #26

A cursed knight. An enchanted cat. Can a lady with secrets and a knight turned cat save the castle and find their happily ever after?

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Lady Tessa swayed in her seat. “I believe I have drunk too much wine. Will you help me to bed? I fear I cannot remember the way.”

Isaak’s fierce mien melted into concern for his bride to be, as he scooped her up in his arms to carry her to their bedchamber.

Leaving Caterina alone with Lady Tessa’s cat, who’d spent most of the meal looking down on her, as though he heartily disapproved of her. It was probably just his normal expression, Caterina told herself. He was a cat, after all.

She rose from her seat, suddenly as tipsy as Lady Tessa. Unfortunately, she did not have a besotted baron to carry her to bed. Just a disapproving cat twining around her ankles, threatening to upset her already questionable balance.

She tottered up the stairs, feeling more than a little triumphant when she made it to her chamber without tripping, only to find the cat had come with her. Evidently the creature did not sleep with his mistress.

Caterina stripped down to her shift and crawled under the covers. She could feel the cat’s eyes on her, disapproving, yet expectant.

She patted the bed beside her. “You can sleep here, if you wish.”

A long moment passed, before the soft thump told her the cat had accepted her offer. Caterina smiled. She suspected he’d be a far better behaved bedfellow than the baron would be for Lady Tessa. So she snuggled deeper into her bed, and drifted off to sleep.