The First Dragon Bride

 Book #1

Dragons killed her family during the war. Now, to ensure the ceasefire between humans and dragons is upheld, she must mate with one of them. The only problem is, ‘her' dragon wants absolutely nothing to do with her.

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“Hey, hold the door!”

My teeth pulled back in a silent snarl. Where on earth had she come from? There had been no sound of a vehicle arriving. No footsteps on the concrete parking garage floor. How had she gotten so close?

“Sorry,” I growled, turning around and punching a button that would send us not up, but down to the “basement” with a secret laboratory we knew was hidden there. “But this one’s full.”

A laboratory where it was assumed the humans were experimenting on Vicek’s DNA, trying to figure out a way to develop weapons that could puncture our scales and hurt us. A laboratory I intended to destroy on our way out.

“There’s room,” the female protested as she hurried closer.

I lifted my head, letting my eyes bore into her, intending to send her scurrying back until the doors closed.

My eyes locked onto her and — Twin circles of honeyed amber slammed into me like a fist. I staggered back, supported by Kane and a startled Zoran as I struggled to regain control of my body. Fire raged deep within me, threatening to burst into reality as it burned brighter with every passing nanosecond.

The woman had come to a halt as well, her mouth dropped open in a perfect little “O,” her lips full and red. I wanted to surge through the door and do whatever it took to make that face last. I wanted to hear the moans that went with it, the scream of pleasure as I fucked her into the ground, taking her taut runner’s body and making it shake with every rough thrust of my cock. My fingers curled into a fist as if her hair was threaded between them, ready to pull her head back, taking control as I buried every last inch inside her pussy until it trembled and exploded, gushing over me with the force of—

“Get off me,” Zoran snarled as the door shut, leaving me with little more than the image of the raven-haired beauty with a streak of purple in her locks.

“What the fuck was that all about?” Kane asked as I leaned heavily against the elevator wall, breathing deep.