Her Majesty's Secret Vampire

 Book #3

Fleming is more at home in the library than the battlefield. A scholar with a dark secret he dares not unleash. From the London HQ of the Vampire Intelligence Agency to the hidden chambers of Immortal Royals, he's hidden the dark, brutal essence of his vampire nature behind an intellectual identity.
Until he had to protect the one woman who can save his souless existence from an enemy that lurks in the shadows.

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The air in the room suddenly dropped a few degrees, and the lights flickered. I looked around, worried now that not only was I being robbed, but that also my cute tea shop was being possessed by spirits of long ago.

Maybe they’d been robbed by ruffians like this too? Come on ghosties, be on my side. Sadly, no ghosts, ghouls, or even vampires appeared. I glanced over at Fleming and saw he was completely unbothered, aside from the slightly more tense than usual set of his shoulders. He was calm and almost unnaturally so.

The two men looked momentarily disoriented, unsettled by the atmospheric shift or something. Their growly mean-looking faces went a bit slack, like they’d forgotten what they were doing.

Fleming gave me a quick glance and a nod that said without words that he was going to take care of everything, even though these two guys were at least twice his weight. He stepped away from the counter, taking advantage of their momentary distraction, walked right up to them, and spun them both around to face the door.

“These are not the teas you’re looking for,” he said, his voice laced with a subtle authority I hadn’t heard before. “You should go about your business. Move along.”

And… huh. I strangely remembered seeing Star Wars: A New Hope in the theater. I could smell the popcorn, feel the heat of all the other bodies around us, even feel the excitement of seeing how this hero’s journey would play out in outer space. But that movie came out in 1977. The doctors estimated that I wasn’t a day over twenty-five.

The taller man shook his head as if breaking a spell and then glared at Fleming, sizing him up as if contemplating whether or not he could take him. Fleming folded his arms and tipped his chin toward the door.

The pure unadulterated protectiveness coming from Fleming had me gripping the counter so I wouldn’t swoon, just like the first day he’d walked into the shop. I was no damsel in distress that needed saving. Well, maybe a tiny bit right at this particular moment. But ever since I’d realized that no one else in the world was going to take care of me and help me recover my life, I’d taken on the world all by myself.

I didn’t need any man to fight my fights.

So this absolute warmth growing around my heart as Fleming did exactly that was unexpected. I’d been alone for so long that it was really nice to have someone so completely on my side that they’d stand between me and danger.

Damn it. I was going to cry.

“Fine,” the taller man said, finally breaking eye contact with Fleming. “We’ll be on our way. But this isn’t over, blood-sucker.”

Wait, did they just call Fleming a blood-sucker? That was a super bizarre insult. Maybe I’d misheard. I did have vampires on the brain.




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