Savage Is My Kingdom

 Book #1

When I was dragged from my home by the Fae King’s enforcer, I left my old life as a slave behind.  But I’m hiding a secret. I have claimed the power of the Fae. While two mighty kings go to war over my stolen power, the only question is how far I’ll go to claim the broken warriors I love and save my kingdom.

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Raziel dipped his head, brushed his mouth against my lips. He tasted like fire. Hot and electric and alive.  I let him kiss me again, savoring the soft press of his lips on mine, my body responding, like butterflies taking flight inside me.

“More?” His dark eyes searched mine, a question there, one I answered with a smile.

“Thank the gods.” Raziel’s next kiss wasn’t a tease, he plundered my mouth, his tongue diving between my lips, tracing my teeth, one hand sliding under the dress and cupping my breast, his thumb pinching my nipple. I moaned into his mouth at the overwhelming sensations, my back arching, which only gave him better access.

Then my hands were clasped around the nape of his neck as he kissing me, his hands exploring my body, his thighs pushing between mine. This close, Raz was huge, bigger than I’d ever given him credit for, his strength intimidating on a molecular level, yet he braced his hand behind my back, held me steady as he pulled away, sliding his finger beneath my chin.

“Last chance, Anaria. If you say yes now, this is happening.”

“Yes.” I beathed, carried away by the desire humming through my body. What had always appeared to be a hurried, straightforward act…was anything but.

I hadn’t expected to…feel like this.

Reckless, brave…sexy.