Golden Seduction

 Book #1

Cursed to remain trapped within a tarot card, Aleneic is only given a small window at freedom to search for the Golden Tarot. He relies upon a beautiful and sexy woman to help him, but he quickly realizes she is also his soul mate. If they can’t find the Golden Tarot in time, not only will he lose his freedom again, but he will have lost true love.

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Aleneic leaned in and placed his lips over hers gently and softly. Laila felt the kiss all the way to the pit of her soul.

His lips played over hers in a lazy and all too brief movement. He pulled back and she was captured in his stormy sea-like gaze. There were currents of emotion in them that she could not define.

He smiled again, a crooked twist of his lips. “I find myself unable to resist you Laila and that is a dangerous thing for me. My time is very limited and I cannot afford to get too attached. I’m usually able to keep a much-needed distance yet this time I find I cannot. I will have you Laila.”

She opened her mouth to speak.

He placed a tapered finger over her lips. “Shhh… It’s all right. I know this is unusual situation but when you are ready let me know.” He leaned in and spoke against her lips. “Then we will share such delicious mutual pleasure that it will warm us when we are no longer together.”

His eyes grew sad as he kissed her. His lips were hard and demanding. She opened hers under his hungry assault closing her eyes, reveling in his taking. His tongue swept in laying claim to her. Aleneic tongue mated with hers.

His arms banded around her and he lifted her into his lap. Gasping at the feel of him against her Laila murmured and locked her hands around his neck. His heated skin burned her up. As suddenly as it had started he stopped, pulling away.

Blearily Laila opened her eyes and watched him. His eyes were closed, his face etched in harsh lines of need and a muscle throbbed in his jaw. She could see him struggle for control.


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