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An aggravating woman unleashes the need in a controlled man. She’s chaos in his world of order. It’s dangerous for him to let his guard down…yet he is unable to walk away.

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Allison snatched up the book and turned, flinging it. The second Allison flung it, she regretted it.

Richard’s hand flashed up, and he caught it before it could hit his nose. He slowly lowered the book.

Allison gulped at the look in his eyes. Richard advanced. She backed up, hitting the table. Allison moved around it.

“Umm…Richard. I know I shouldn’t have thrown the book. But, you made me mad. Wait…this is all your fault.” She stopped, standing her ground.

“Like my scent agitates you,” he said silky.

“Yes,” she whispered.

Richard paused, a hairsbreadth away. A sensation of being hunted filled Allison. She backed away. His hand flashed out and gripped her arm. Richard looked down her body.

Allison gasped as her nipples went hard and her pussy clenched. He raised his indigo gaze. His eyes flashed with ice then fire.

“Your scent aggravates me, too, Allison,” Richard said in a purr.

Allison glared. “Liar. Everything aggravates you.”

Richard shook his head. “No. Just you. From the time we met, you have mouthed off to me, annoying me and basically pissing me off.”

Allison’s eyes narrowed. “That’s just your boorish ways.”

“Your scent aggravates me, Allison. But…I’ll be damned if I don’t like it.” He yanked her against his body. Allison gasped. Richard closed his lips over hers, sliding his tongue between her lips. She gripped his shoulders, moaning.

He lifted her, kissing her, ravishing her senses. Each stroke of his tongue in her mouth drove her into a frenzy. His hands slid, cupping her ass as he pulled her against him. Allison widened her legs, putting them around his hips.

She groaned as his heated length pressed against the crotch of her jeans. Rocking, she wished they were bare. A tingle coated her skin then air touched it. Allison wrenched her lips away from his.

“How… What?”

“Shut up,” he growled.

“How rude,” she said.

“Yes.” He kissed her again.




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