Book #1

Instinct lead Darius Gallagher to the captain of their ship as he was about to cause the death of most of his crew and they dealt with it. Now the crew of aliens, other beings and humans are looking to him to become their captain, yet that’s not the most unexpected thing happening in his day. The one being—although respected was also feared—who’s an aggravating enigma yet so fascinating is now making claims Darius was his. What’s a space pirate to do?

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“Years isn’t true. I didn’t even like you when I first joined the crew.”

Darius studied him and the desire he kept a tight lid on flared in him.

“Maybe a year or so ago I did notice you were sort of attractive but getting involved with your crew mate is a bad idea.” He stared at Heller’s full lips. “It still is. I’m the captain now.”

“And I’m the head of the enforcers.” Heller smiled. “Now we know what we each are. What does it matter?”

“You know it’s ironic that you are the head of the enforcers as well as the ships medic.” Darius decided a change of subject was needed.

“Why? I can break it then fix it if needed. Makes sense to me. You’re captain and still gonna be the chef. We both like to keep busy.”

“True. And seeing I have responsibilities as captain I need to follow that.” Darius stifled a smile pleased he had figured a way to get out of anything. He ignored his erection.

“What happens between us has no bearing on you being captain. It doesn’t matter.”

“It should—”

“Shouldn’t.” Heller countered.

“I don’t share.”

“Neither do I.” Heller purred.

“Holy hell, did you just purr?” Darius licked his lips and hardened even more. “That’s hot.”

“I did.” Heller did again making a rumbling noise. “I have a little shapeshifter in me. Can change into anything but prefer big cats.”

“Oh…” Darius licked his lips. “We can’t.”

“Is this gonna be like your denial of being the captain?”

“Bad idea to remind me of that now.” Darius scowled. “Still mad at you about that.”

“Mad is good. You can use that.”

“Asshole.” Darius bared his teeth. “I don’t even know if I like you.”

“Don’t worry, you do.”


“Confident.” Heller smoothed his finger down Darius’ hand on his shoulder.




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