White Mountain Shifters

If you like forbidden romance with drama, suspense, and danger, you'll love this steamy series. Join wolf shifters Damon, Grayson, and Rafe as they struggle against the attraction to their fated mates in this hot new collection.

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Ski tracks veered into the woods. Someone might have attempted a dangerous run off trail—or they were in trouble.

As part of ski patrol, Damon had to ensure the guests were safe. He skied to the tracks.

And then it hit him like he'd suddenly bolted awake from a dream—her scent. His wolf stirred.

“We found her.” Damon grunted. He'd been arguing with his wolf for six months, ever since Sophie had run out of that club, and Damon refused to chase her.

He didn't want a mate. They were trouble and to be avoided at all costs. He inhaled, and her scent wrapped around him. All his instincts flared, and his focus homed to one critical task—to find her. He followed her tracks through the woods.

Oh no, she headed into Sacco pack territory—which was off limits to his pack. Damon's heart thumped like a warning signal.

He stared at the invisible boundary line between the mountains that every pack member knew not to cross. A breach would break the treaty. Breaking the treaty could lead to a renewed battle over territory. A battle over territory could lead to full out war between the packs.

Damon had a choice. He could turn back to keep the peace and stay off Sacco land. Or…

“Find her,” his wolf insisted. Sophie could be in danger. Or a Sacco wolf could try to claim her. Damon growled. He'd never let that happen.

Instinct took over He leaped across the boundary, into forbidden territory, breaking the treaty with the Sacco pack. He had to protect Sophie–even if it sparked a war.