Book #1

An alien prince. Misunderstood matchmaking. Out of this world romance.

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“I came to your planet because I was told humans make excellent mothers.”

“Oh.” She looked away. Regret floated like a sour miasma around her. “In that case, I’m sure you can find a woman willing to have your baby as soon as we get back to Earth. There were quite a few volunteers for the auction who I had to turn away.”

He frowned. He thought he’d been paying her a compliment, assuring her he trusted her to become a mother to his child. Why did she continue to deny her own desire? Was this trait unique to Georgie, or were all human females this difficult?

He placed a gentle hand on her arm. “But I don’t want another female. I want you.”

She shoved away from the table and stood. “You aren’t listening to me. Unless you have a way to fix broken hardware, you need to find someone else to make alien babies with, okay?”

Again with the undecipherable human idioms. “I don’t understand.”

Her eyes glistened as she pointed to her stomach. “I’m barren. Infertile. Broken. Defective.” Her voice cracked. “Unable to have children. Understand?”




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