Grumpy Special Ops Bear: Episode 1

 Book #1

Bear-shifter Fergus is an alpha who specializes in the art of war. With danger lurking around every tree, it is his desire to capture the leader of a renegade wolf-shifter pack that drives him. Until temptation arrives in the form of the captivating, feisty human Trinity.

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Gently, I nudged her with my paw and then my nose, but she didn’t move.

Instinctively, I inhaled deeply to investigate her scent, just as I would with anyone I’d met for the first time.


The tantalizing combination of vanilla and cinnamon raced up my nostrils and shot straight to my bulging erection, making it jerk. My bear growled, signaling that he wanted to investigate her mouthwatering scent further.

Damn. She’s trouble.

I backed up to beat a hasty retreat, and then I stopped dead in my tracks.

She was going to freeze to death if I left her in the mud. With one last glance around to ensure I was alone, I shifted back into a man and scooped the woman up into my arms.

The second I glanced down at her face, my heart skipped a beat. Not only was I drawn to her beauty, but I was also strangely driven to protect her.

Absolutely beautiful. Mine, my bear growled.

F*ck no, I hissed back.

The long, dark curls that escaped her bun compelled me to run my fingers through them. Her skin was the color of mahogany, with pouty lips that begged to be plundered. Her perfect hourglass figure made my loins swell.

Damn, she’s the full package.

Snowflakes fell onto her cheeks and long black eyelashes, but that didn’t wake her.

I could stare at her all night, and I probably would have if I hadn’t remembered where we were. Just holding her in my arms sent my gut twisting and heart pounding. My beast growled in satisfaction, but I growled back with irritation.

We had no time for a battle of wills. I knew of a nearby small cave where she would at least be out of the elements and away from Price and his men until she awoke. I’d get her there and then be on my way. That was all I would do for her.

Despite what my beast thought, she was not my mate to protect. She was human and therefore under the protection of the Protectors.

But minutes later, as I was about to leave her in the small cave, I felt the strong primal urge to stay and keep her warm.

And then she groaned and rolled over.

No. I have to go.

Quickly, I left the cave and shifted back into my bear. 




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