Thief of Dreams

 Book #1

A bride summons…. The perfect cover to stage a theft. I just have to avoid being chosen as this fae prince's bride.

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The Wraith King lurks on his throne as I enter the audience chamber. Raesh Ghul, the King Beyond the Shadowfangs.

I kneel. “You sent for me, Father?”

“I have a job for my thief,” Raesh rasps, his black eyes locking on me dangerously. “I want you to steal the Dragon's Heart from Prince Keir's Court of Dreams.”

The floor drops out from under me. “Are you insane?”

Breaking into the Court of Dreams is a death trap. There's only one way in and out—a heavily guarded portal. Nobody knows where the Court of Dreams even resides. Some whisper of an Other World, created by the dreams of dragons long ago, but nobody actually knows.

I shake my head. “It can't be done. I can't cross the portal without Keir knowing, and he’s… dangerous.”

The Prince of Dreams stood apart from the rest of the fae during the Dragon Wars. When they threatened him with annihilation, he simply tore his court from the mortal plane and vanished it.

“Unless, of course, you have an invitation,” Raesh purrs.

“I must have misplaced it.”

“Keir's sent out a Summons.”

A Summons. A bride hunt.

Every fae princess in the land would kill for that invitation. Keir's may be a name whispered in hushed tones in case he overhears, but he's incredibly powerful. A living legend. Rich. Dominant. The ultimate catch for any female with breath in her lungs.

I let my glamor fade, my wraithen features springing forth. “Somehow I doubt the Prince of Dreams thought to include one of the Forbidden on his potential bride list.”

“No.” Raesh tosses me a scroll. “But here's a list of those fae females that have been granted such an invitation. And your glamor is powerful.”

There are nearly two dozen names on the list. All I have to do is slip in, claim to be some fae princess, avoid being named as his bride, and then slip out with the relic.

“Bring me the Heart and I will grant you your freedom,” Father purrs.

The heat fades from my face. Freedom. Even if it comes with such risk.

“Done,” I whisper.

All I’ve ever dreamed of is escaping this wretched court. It doesn’t matter how dangerous the Prince of Dreams is. Keir will never look at me—a half-wraith thief so far below him. I know it.

It’s the perfect cover to stage a theft.




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