Grumpy Special Ops Bear Trilogy Box Set

This Grumpy Special Ops bear shifter is former military, handsome and, only interested in one thing, protecting his fated mate. This steamy fated mates, bear shifter, enemies to lovers romance collection includes the following: Grumpy Special Ops Bear: Episode 1 Grumpy Special Ops Bear: Episode 2 Grumpy Special Ops Bear: Episode 3

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I reached out, snatching his hand. He turned back to face me.

“Don’t,” I whispered, looking into his eyes. “I’ve dreamed about you for months.”

He blinked in confusion. “What?”

Gripping him tightly, I pulled myself up, my chest brushing against his. “This is going to sound crazy, but the dreams started a couple of months ago. Each one was with you as a bear and me being stuck in some fucking ice, screaming for help. You would bound out of the forest, always angry and growling.”

I shrugged. “I thought you were trying to kill me. Now I know better. It was a sign.” I paused. “What I’m trying to say is you’re not the only one who feels something, Fergus.” I swallowed hard. My heart was beating as if I’d run a marathon. “I just wasn’t about to call you my mate. Shit. I was too scared to even call it what it is.”

Fergus’s other hand landed on my hip, tugging me closer to him. “You don’t have to do this.”

“I’m not trying to make you feel better. It’s the truth,” I assured him. “The whole time I was out there alone, I knew someone or something was watching over me. I could feel it. Then, when I finally realized who you were after, you saved my life. I feel something I never thought I would feel for anyone. And frankly, it’s fucking scary.”

My whole life, I’d searched for that one person I knew would love me forever, someone who would be there for me when I needed him, someone who would keep me safe, a man I could act like myself with and have no worries that I’d somehow chase him away if I revealed my inner demons.