Four Times the Sass

Korbin, Chase, Logan, and Maddox are on the hunt for a killer. Knowing Autumn could very well be the next target, they have no choice but to offer her their protection. But Autumn isn't the type to sit around and wait, and it quickly becomes clear that they are supposed to do more than just keep her alive.

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Setting four glasses on the bar in, she poured the top-shelf whiskey handed out their drinks, she made eye contact with each one. It was a bold move, especially since she knew one of them was an Alpha. Most likely the Alpha of his pride. Then again, she wasn’t even close to a submissive wolf.

“I’m Autumn,” she said, leaning against the counter. “You all are…” She knew Aric was watching and listening from his office, plus his mate and mother sat at the other end of the bar. As the bartender, it was Autumn’s job to get all the deets on newcomers that passed through.

“Korbin.” The Alpha tiger. His black hair and eyes were only a hint to the dark, lethal power inside him.

“Maddox, and can I say it’s a pleasure to meet you?” The charmer with blond hair that begged for her fingers to run through and blue eyes that could seduced the panties off any woman. Possible a few men as well. She grinned at him.

“That so?”

“Definitely.” Maddox winked.

“Logan.” He swatted Maddox, who laughed. Autumn couldn’t tell if he was Maddox’s evil twin or his conscience. Maybe both.

“Chase.” The tiger shifter waved his hand. “You’ll have to ignore these clowns.”

“I might,” she murmured. “Might not.” She did love a challenge and a little adventure.

“Smart woman,” Maddox said, raising his glass toward her.

Once they drank a decent amount, she figured their tongues might’ve loosened up some, and she worked up the courage to ask, “What are you doing here?”

Korbin met her gaze first. He had been the quietest of the four, so she was a bit surprised that he would be the one to answer her question. Korbin cleared his throat, and those nearby quieted. Something about these tiger shifters demanded respect. Even Barbara had hushed.

“We’re looking for a killer,” he murmured. Despite his being quiet, a hushed silence fell. Only seconds later did murmurs race through the other pub patrons.

“A killer?” Autumn repeated.

“A tiger shifter by the name of Jeremy Atkins,” Maddox said. She noticed Korbin stiffened and scowled at his drink resting on the bar counter.

“Who did he kill?” Autumn asked. Not one of the four volunteered any more information. Maybe another round of drinks would change that. She brought down the bottle of whiskey and placed it in front of them. They each nodded, and she refilled their glasses.

“You really won’t tell me more about this Jeremy fellow?” she pried.

“He’s a rogue shifter,” Logan said.

“He’s wanted,” Maddox said, but that was that.

Autumn refused to be annoyed by their non-answers. This Jeremy Atkins business wasn’t really any of her concern anyhow. She crossed her arms and glared at them. “In case it wasn’t clear by the number of wolves in here that this is the Wolfe Pack territory. If you have an issue, I can get you a meeting with the Alpha.”