Immortal Inheritance

 Book #1

Plunged into a forbidden world where blood is power, Logan Dean must embrace her destiny to claim her rightful place in the Blackstone Vampire Clan. But as her adversaries close in, Logan is forced to trust Constantine Darke, even though she’s hiding the secret that will destroy the clan—and Con’s life—forever.

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Let me remind you of all I can give you.

Constantine prowled out of the shadows, his eyes burning brighter.

I know everything about you. His voice was a rough whisper in my head. I know unhappiness follows you, no matter where you go. As one elegant hand caged my wrists, the other drifted over my waist, circling, the whisper of his fingers moving steadily downwards. I went limp, spreading my legs in anticipation of those fingers traveling lower still.

Let me make you forget everything, if only for a little while…

Con slanted his mouth over mine, his tongue plunging in. I opened for him, and when those clever fingers slipped underneath the edge of my panties, slid deeper and deeper, plunged inside until the delicious pressure built and built, cresting until…

I burst out of the dream, a quivering, sodden mess.

I was soaked; I'd climaxed—hard and fast—from an imaginary kiss and two f*cking fingers.

From a go**amn dream about the biggest asshole I’d ever met. What in the hell was wrong with me? I didn’t want a man. Surely not one as arrogant as Constantine Darke.

I flopped back onto the damp bed, squeezing my legs together.

But the rest of my dreams were no better, all of them featuring a set of burning gold eyes watching from the shadows, and every inch of me wanted his fingers to plunge into me, again and again and again