Lost Kingdom

 Book #3

Life as the Darkfell Queen sure has its perks. Two handsome warriors and my fated mate warm my bed at night, while powerful magic obeys my every command. But when Deston is taken away from me by a rival queen, she’ll learn just how ruthless—and bloodthirsty—I can be.

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I’d never seen Deston this vulnerable.

I didn't even think, I kissed him. I gave my mate the kiss I’d dreamed of giving him. Slow and sweet and leisurely.

The kind that said—I see you. I admire you. I love you. Now and forever.

When Deston pulled back, his eyes were filled with something besides that awful emptiness. They sparkled with stars. Only for a second, so quickly that when I blinked, they’d turned back to their usual pitiless black, gilded with glowing embers.

With my hands on his shoulders, I drew him to me, tilting my throat until it was inches from his fangs. I ached to have his teeth in me. Had dreamed about it, time and time again. Woken up soaked and writhing, horny beyond all reason.

Deston pushed my hair back, winding the strand tightly around one hand, holding me in place. Through the bond, I sensed Deston’s tangled emotions, as if he were at war with himself. Part of him resisted. Part of him doubted this—final step, whatever that meant—was the right thing to do.

The tips of his fangs scratched up my neck, paused over my artery, his lips barely brushing my skin. My heart was hammering in my chest, my breath quick and choppy.

Please, Deston. Please. I need your teeth in me. I didn’t understand why this was so important, but my yearning went beyond logical. The need was primitive, as if some long-forgotten part of my brain demanded it.

I scooted closer, widened my hips until the hardness of his cock pressed against my pelvis, only a layer of thin fabric separating us.

Are you sure, mon amour? This will.. His breath grew heated against my neck. This will make the mating bond permanent. You must be sure this is what you want.

“Bite me, damn it.” I hissed. “Every piece of me wants this.”


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