Lure of the Wolf

 Book #2

If fate were to come knocking on the door of Boone Hawthorne’s beach bungalow, he’d shove it right back into the sea — especially if it started whispering any nonsense about destined mates. But one night, a woman washes up on his private stretch of beach. Before the wolf shifter knows it, he’s breaking every personal rule for her and making promises he’s not sure he can keep.

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Boone ran a hand through his rumpled hair, and suddenly, Nina was mortified. “Did you give me your bed last night? I’m so sorry. Where did you sleep?”

He looked out the front door and sniffed the breeze at exactly the angle the dog in her dream had.

I was fine. Don’t worry. Did you sleep okay?”

She nodded in quick, jerky movements, figuring that was better than the truth. Yes and no. I had the weirdest dreams. First, someone was trying to drown me, and then a huge dog stood guard over me.

Do you have a dog?” She peeked outside. The dog had seemed so real…

No.” His lips twitched and she was sure he would add something, but he didn’t. Eventually, he cleared his throat and changed the subject. “I was thinking you could use some lunch…”

Nina opened her mouth. Lunch? Had she really slept that long?

Boone motioned over his shoulder. “But maybe a shower first?”

A shower would be nice,” she said, looking around.

Boone motioned through the double front doors of the little bungalow. Nina stepped onto the porch that wrapped around the front, surveying her surroundings from the top of three steps. A striped hammock hung on the porch, along with an antique glass fishing float. A flagstone walkway led to the beach, just a few steps away.

The shower is right there. I brought you a fresh towel,” he murmured, suddenly very much a little boy.

She followed his gesture. To the right of the house stood a stone wall shaded by lush plants with big, waxy leaves. Something silver glinted, and she stepped closer. Wow. It really was a shower. A gorgeous outdoor shower.

Boone mumbled something about privacy and hurried over to the beach, keeping his back turned…