Risen Shadows

 Book #6

Sometimes even a Fae queen has to make an impossible bargain, and sometimes she has to break the rules. This thrilling sixth installment completes the Fae Files series. Start your binge today!

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The coach and four didn't slow their pace for their journey through the lands of the gray Fae, which had been created to contain beings that neither wanted to face.

The fog hid everything more than ten feet from the path. Every so often I thought I could see something move, but it could have also been the swirling mists creating the illusion of movement within them.

When the horses’ pace sped into an erratic, panicked rhythm, I caught the change immediately.

“What's happening?” I shot the thought to the driver, whose mind swirled with panic.

“Revenants! Hang on tight.”

I grasped a handhold and opened the curtains wider. The ghostly shapes' swirling resembled a silent hurricane. Glowing wisps whipped around the carriage, and I forced myself to breathe, especially when they darted closer and leered in at me. Occasionally a purple flash of light drove them back, but not for long.

Anger exploded in my gut. I refused to lose my freedom and my life on the same day, and I rubbed my hands together to prepare a banishment spell. Let them languish in one of the empty orthogonal dimensions.

But the thought came to me—These were once Fae, and they will be again. As a Queen of Faerie, I couldn't destroy them.

Other hoofbeats came at us from the path ahead. A black-hooded rider on a black horse rode the horse with the grace one would expect of a High Fae and brandished an ebony wand tipped with amethyst. The stone glowed, and the revenants fell back with shrieks and cries. I could feel the Fae's magic, but I couldn't identify it. No, I knew it, but I didn't recognize it, so it must have been someone from my distant past, pre-exile. First exile.