Undercover Wolf

 Book #2

My soul crushed, I leave my pack and the alpha who rejected me behind. I’ve made a new life for myself, one where I protect the innocent as an agent for the Shifter Protective Services unit.

My team is amazing. Especially Jace. He’s a lone wolf like me. An alpha without a pack. There is something more between us. A passion I don’t dare explore. My heart still belongs to another, and I can’t take another rejection.

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I grinned. Hawaii. I couldn’t wait. “I want to go swimming with the sea life on one of the islands.”

“For the last time, Maisy, mermaids aren’t real.”

I couldn’t see his face, but I knew he was rolling his eyes at me and fighting back a laugh. We had a longstanding debate about whether mermaids were real or not. I couldn’t even remember how it started. “Shifters aren’t real to most people, either. But I’m pretty sure we are wolves. And do you really want to get me started on vampires, demons and everything else in the PPS.”

Jace groaned. “Please don’t get me started on the Paranormal Protective Services division.”

We’d teamed up with a team of vampires and demons a few months ago to work on a case together. It had been interesting, to say the least. Two of the vampires had hit on me and flirted relentlessly. I think it had bothered Jace the most, but Conner and Myles had gotten big brotherly too.

I relaxed further into the mattress and pushed all my worries away. Thoughts of crashing waves and sunny beaches filled my head. I sighed. “Regardless, I just want to swim with the dolphins.”

“Uh, huh. I know you just want the chance to prove me wrong.” He leaned down until his mouth was against my ear. “It’s not going to happen.”

Gooseflesh pimpled my arms as his breath whispered over my skin. My nipples hardened into tight buds, and I bit my lip as heat rushed to my core. Jace pulled away and continued his massage, hopefully oblivious to whatever that was. He’d definitely turned me on. That didn’t make sense. I had a mate. Sure he rejected me, but no one else should be able to get a rouse out of me like that.