Dragon Called

 Book #1

Dragon Called is about Damian Blackwood, an a-hole billionaire dragon-shifter who fights monsters from other worlds, and the night nurse he falls in love with, Andi Ngo, whose past is wrapped up in his future.

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“There’s no way anything bad can come of this, right? No eggs to hatch or STDs?”

He chuckled. She could feel it vibrating throughout his body. “No. Cross-breeding requires magical effort on both sides, and magic cures all ailments. I do have a condom though if it’d make you more comfortable—”

“No…but,” she said, then quickly shook her head. “I’m on the pill.”

Damian pulled back a fraction, to more easily meet her eyes. “What was the but about?”

It felt silly to admit, but this night was already on its own special—and strange—level already. Might as well go ahead. “I’ve never had sex with a guy without a condom before,” she confessed.

He held still for a long moment in which she was afraid she’d said the wrong thing, then began clearly reaching for his wallet. “Then I can—” he started.

“It’s okay.” She grabbed his arm to stop him. “If you’re sure about the other things, it’s okay.”

“You’re sure you’re sure?” he asked her earnestly.

She nodded and watched his eyes narrow in concern before asking, “You’re not a virgin, are you?”

It was her turn to laugh. After everything he’d done to her. “Do you even have to ask?”

He grinned wickedly and rocked into her with intent—making her feel the way he wanted to fit her body—and she bit back a moan. “Different people count different things.”

“Well, I guess I am a virgin then,” she said breathily. He paused again and his eyebrows rose. “When it comes to fucking dragons.”

He made a sound deep in his throat that didn’t sound entirely human, that made her both shudder and shiver—and want more. “Not for long, you won’t be.” He reached up her skirt to pull her panties down, and his other hand went for his belt.




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