Soul Mage

 Book #1

When a rescue attempt to save a clutch of dragon eggs from the soul mages goes terribly wrong, Warrior-Priestess Verdria of High Rock finds herself on the wrong side of a portal, deep in enemy territory.

She soon learns she’s in the heart of the soul mage’s empire and when Honryn, the future priest-king of the mages, takes a liking to Verdria and saves her life, she’s pretty sure she’s facing down a ‘fate worse than death’ scenario.

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“May you trip and bite off your cocks,” Honryn muttered as he gazed up into the jeweled eyes of the winged serpent god. Light from the burning cauldron at the base of the statue reflected in the large, faceted jewels, giving the eyes an almost lifelike sparkle. Blessedly, that was just an illusion. The serpent god did not inhabit the mortal domain. Not yet anyway. Never, if Honryn had a say in his future.

Staring into the snake’s face with its open mouth and its arm-length fangs was always preferable to being at eye level with the statue’s large, double phallus. And looking up into its face helped him resist the temptation to snap off the statue’s pair of engorged members and shove them into its gaping maw.

Not that he could ever indulge in such juvenile behavior, no matter how much he might wish. More than his own life was at risk.

Which was why he was always careful and kept his words soft enough the other priests and priestesses sharing the great temple’s inner sanctum wouldn’t hear him over the drone of their own chanting. With another glower at the statue of the winged serpent god, its stone wings—not to mention other body parts—on full, rampant display, Honryn schooled his scowl into something more benign and continued with his ‘prayer’ chant.

“May your venom sacs rupture and your fangs rot from your head.” As he whispered the words, he reached down and cut another of the iridescent blue scales from his wrist and tossed his God’s blessing into the fire like so much trash.