The Soul of the Dragon

 Book #2

As the stepdaughter of the Fae king, I am fair game for an arranged marriage—even one forged in evil. But when my stepfather chooses me to replace my mother at his side, I refuse.

That declaration costs me both my magic and my freedom and now I’m being hunted by a relentless alpha dragon who will do whatever it takes to return me to the King and win his prize.

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“Wake up, Princess.” A soft feminine voice whispered in my ear, the brush of it moving the hair away from my skin.

I swatted at the movement and groaned against the suggestion. It couldn’t be time to get up so soon, I’d only just fallen asleep.

“You’ve been asleep too long. He’s almost here.”

“Leave me—.” I jerked to attention, barely remembering to grab a branch this time before I pitched to the ground. “Who?” I glanced around wildly looking for—something.

“The black dragon,” the imp breathed from across the other side of the tree. “He’s close and he's hunting you.”