The Merman's Kiss

 Book #1

After losing her child, Briana is ready to end it all in the ocean. But instead of death’s embrace, she falls into the arms of sexy merman Zantu. As she sparks his long-dormant mating bond, she finds herself craving him in more ways than one…

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Brianna opened heavy lids but could see nothing beyond the shoulders of the merman in the inky depths.

Maybe this was all a dream and she was dead. Could you dream when you were dead?

I wonder what his name is.

A voice like a song came to her. Zantu.

She giggled, bubbles tickling her nose. Now I’m hearing voices. What kind of a name is Zantu?

The palm he’d been stroking against the small of her back stopped. He thrust her away to look into her face, his hands like claws around her biceps.

You can hear me? His silver eyes flashed fiercely, and he grinned; every one of his pearly whites was sharp as a canine.

How had she not noticed that while they’d kissed? For the first time, she was afraid.

Can you hear me? The sonorous voice again floated through her mind.

A shiver started in her chest and rattled outward through her bones. Her heart raced until her vision jostled with every pounding beat. She managed to nod at him.

He released one hand from her bicep and stroked her cheek. She recoiled at the sight of the slight webbing between his fingers.

A word formed in her mind as his gyrating tail caught her attention. Monster.

His hand hovered millimeters from her cheek, and she swung her gaze up to meet his, suddenly horrified that he’d heard.

His mouth no longer smiled. His liquid-silver eyes gleamed like twin moons. He sucked in his cheeks as if willing himself not to speak and dropped the hand from her face.

Come. His other hand slid down her arm to take her hand, and he turned away.

With a powerful thrash of his tail, he pulled her along behind him, towing her like a bit of flotsam.




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