A Witchy Mistake

 Book #1

Sixteen-year-old Charley Cooper is furious when her cousin, Danu, uses her powers for revenge against her high school nemesis without considering the consequences. When the other girl is attacked and Danu becomes the prime suspect, Charley has what she thinks is a vision about an attack on her cousin. Can she find the guilty party before Danu pays… one way or another.

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After finding my Biology textbook with little effort, I closed my locker and waited as Jackson scrounged around in his.

I studied his profile.

We’d been friends since the first day of kindergarten, but lately, it took my breath away when I looked at him. It seemed like he got better looking every day.

He had a strong jaw-line, straight nose, and warm brown eyes that could melt most girls in their tracks. His thick, light brown hair needed a trim. My hand itched to brush it from his forehead.

Things felt different the past year. That was probably just me, though. Jackson acted the same as always.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Stop it, Charley. You will not fall for one of your best friends.

He closed his locker and leaned against it. “I know she frustrates you. Just give her —”

A scream cut off Jackson’s reply.

A second later, Danu’s voice screeched down the hall, “I didn’t do it!”

Jackson and I looked at each other. “What the —”

How could Danu have gotten into trouble again so soon? I shot off toward the office with Jackson right behind me.

Slowing as I entered the main office area, I squeezed around the tall counter and snaked around students. I found Mr. Saunders’s office doorway packed with staff. Someone cried.

Mr. Saunders’s voice floated toward me.

Emergency. Ambulance. Words that terrified me.

My heart hammered against my chest and I found it difficult to breathe.

“Danu!” I yelled, shoving past those standing in the doorway. My cousin knelt on the floor, staring at the dark red on her fingertips.

And, Tiffany… Tiffany lay face-down beside Mr. Saunders’s large oak desk, her long blonde hair streaked in blood.