Vampire's Touch

When Iris escapes from her dangerous foster home, she lands in the office of one Langdon Fox, a wealthy, influential, and downright handsome vampire who offers to keep her safe. Except Iris can’t tell if he’s sincere because she can’t read his mind. Which should make her elated if she weren’t so worried that he has plans of his own. Plans that might not be in her best interest. But one thing she knows for certain is how his “indecipherable” touch ignites a passion in her that she’s never experienced before.

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Langdon picked up my hand and lifted my finger to his magnificent lips. Then they parted, and he took the digit into his mouth. The gentle sucking sensation was sensual, erotic even, and my heart pounded against my chest. He released my finger, and his hand came up to my neck, and he slid my hair back behind my shoulder. He pressed a gentle kiss at my throat.

Was he about to bite me? My body tensed. “You said all you needed was a taste from my finger.”

Langdon pressed another gentle kiss at my throat, and my tongue slipped between my lips at the same time that his mouth skimmed up my throat and crashed down on mine.

His arms skated around me, tugging me closer. My hands slipped up his back, and the world tipped upside down, my knees buckled, and I’m positive I would have lost my balance if he hadn’t been holding me.

His kiss was marvelous, mesmerizing, magical. Magic so dizzying the world around us disappeared, the room became a swirl of blues and greens. All my fears and doubts about him vanished like a ghost in the dark, and I found myself pressing into him, closer, closer, closer. Until I couldn’t tell where he began and I ended.

That magical moment came abruptly to an end with the sound of someone clearing their throat.




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