Axegate Walk

 Book #1

When Finch Dante settles in Ravenfall, the last thing he expects is to find himself on Axegate Walk, a boardwalk of Otherworldian vendors. Keeping his head down and his secrets tight was all Finch wanted…but fate had other ideas in the form of a bubbly, quirky woman with a penchant for the weird, and an uncanny ability to know what he was feeling.

Tatiana Romanoff might sell haunted dolls, but she doesn’t believe in the paranormal…until she realizes the town council has cursed her romantic endeavours. So when the mysterious and incredibly handsome Finch strolls into her life, she is determined to keep him at arm’s length lest he be blighted by her curse.

Once a body is discovered, it’s up to Tatiana and Finch to overcome their own emotional wounds to untangle the mystery surrounding them…one that risks their life together if they want to save humankind from destruction.

Fast, funny, and filled with paranormal romcom goodness – dive into the lastest book in the New York Times bestselling Dark Ones series today! Just be sure to stay away from haunted dolls…

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