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Alpha Hellclaw

Lia Davis

Newly turned vampire, Freya Workman must prove that she can hold onto her humanity. If she loses, her mate, who rejected her, will be forced to hunt her down. Dying after she finally found the one thing she is good at would really suck.

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This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Read an excerpt from Alpha Hellclaw

A wolf. What in the big-bad-bullshit was going on here? “Was that what you were doing at the bar? Hunting vampires?” I couldn’t help but sound incredulous. This whole situation was bullshit.

He shook his head. “We took the night off to unwind. I scented the vampire inside the bar but by the time I found it…” He shook his head, looking supremely regretful.

Sure, it would’ve been nice if this guy had turned up before the vamp bit me, but it wasn’t like it was his life’s mission to keep me safe. He did what he could, and that was more than anyone else could do. “It was too late. I get it. So, if you can just tell your guards or whatever’s keeping me here to let me go, that would be great.” I tried to stand again but got hit with a cramp in my stomach and a wave of nausea washed over me. What was wrong with me?

The man put his hand on my shoulder and gently pressed me back down onto the bed, which, to be fair, wasn’t too difficult. My stomach was torn up. The door closed, and I looked up to find the brother had left us alone.

“You can’t leave,” he said. “At least not until we’re sure you won’t turn into a vampire.”

“What now?” It wasn’t too hard now to figure out what he’d meant by transitioning. My senses were heightened, my stomach felt like insanity incarnate, and now that I let myself focus on it, my whole body was slightly itchy. “I’m turning into a vampire?”

With a small nod, he squeezed my arm. Sympathy? “The venom released from the vampire bite will turn humans about fifty percent of the time. Most vampires kill their victims either during feeding or right after to prevent a change and an overpopulation of vampires. There is a chance that you won’t turn.” He averted his gaze, telling me he didn’t believe what he said. And he’d already told the others in the room that I was transitioning.

I was turning into a vampire.

He stood and put some distance between us. I didn’t bother to try to stand again. My stomach still ached, and it was getting progressively worse.

Then my savior said something that made my blood run cold. “The thing is, if you do turn, I will kill you.”

I jumped to my feet and was standing in front of him in a flash. Whoa, that wasn’t weird at all. It made me a little dizzy to move and then stop so quickly. “Why? Because I’m a vampire? You’d kill me before I have a chance to figure all this out?” My body felt different, sure, but I was still me. I still had all my memories, my moral compass, all that good stuff. “Do vampires turn into mindless killing machines?” I asked.

“I’ve never heard of a vampire holding onto their humanity. Once you’re fully transitioned, you won’t be able to fight the bloodlust. It will control you and rule your every thought.” He seemed to grow bigger as he spoke. It was his power or energy or whatever it was called. It surrounded him. Maybe he was the alpha of the pack. That tracked with all the werewolf romance novels I used to read as a teenager.

“And you know this for a fact? Has there been a study?” There hadn’t. If there’d been a scientific study done on vampires, the fact that they existed would’ve been worldwide knowledge. Before he responded, I added, “I will not be a monster.” How dare he assume?

Before I could argue further, dizziness overcame me. Why was my head so swimmy? I was having a hard time focusing on the fact that Mr. Wolfman was trying to tell me more about vampires and wolves. His words weren’t registering as I blinked at him, watching his mouth move.

I turned to the window over the bed. Thoughts of what happened last night and him stabbing the vampire who’d attacked me. “Did he turn to dust?” I asked.

There was a pause before he said, “Yes. I killed him.”

“Oh,” I said and faced him again, jumping when I noticed he was much closer than he had been before.

And there was the lust, passing anger and confusion on the inside lane. He smelled amazing. I inhaled and leaned in slightly. And suddenly I wasn’t nauseated anymore. I was starving. Ravenous.

I struck like a woman possessed, sinking my fangs into his neck. Holy freaking crap.

Mr. Wolfman’s blood tasted like heaven.