A Witchy Spookfest

 Book #4

Charley Cooper's social calendar is full on her birthday weekend with the annual Halloween Festival, her new scatter-brained owl familiar, and a cantankerous old ghost. She had hoped the latter would be the first and last to haunt her, but she's not that lucky. Finding a body behind the library, she's determined to find out what happened before the festivities are ruined.

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“What are you and Jackson doing tonight?” Grace knelt to tie a misbehaving shoelace.
I grinned. Just the thought of my long-time friend turned boyfriend made my insides flutter. “We’re going to the festival for a while and then doing the last hayride at McCready’s farm.”
My head whipped around, and I groaned at the sight of the septuagenarian waving me down.
“What?” Grace asked.
“It's Mr. Peterson. Maybe if I ignore him, he’ll go away.”
I dropped her arm, and we picked up our pace. I kept my head down, arms pumping.
“Charlie Cooper! I know you saw me. Stop this instant.”
I sighed. Turning around, I watched the man pass through people in his way. Those more sensitive gasped and shuddered.
I grabbed Grace’s arm and pulled her over to stand in front of me. “Stand there so it doesn’t look like I’m talking to myself.”
She giggled. Of course she found it funny. She wasn’t the one who had to put up with the grouchy spirit on a regular basis.
When the man stopped beside Grace, I looked him over. A worn cowboy hat covered a balding scalp. He’d died in the nineties but still sported his farmer’s tan. He appeared solid, not ethereal as I imagined a ghost would be.
“Hi, Mr. Peterson. I –”
“Don’t you ‘hi’ me, young lady. When are you going to do what I asked?” His electric blue eyes glowered at me.
I fought to control the grimace at his words but lost. “I’m trying to figure out how to do that, Mr. Peterson. I can’t just walk up to your grandson and tell him I have a message from his long-deceased great-grandfather.”
Grace snorted.
He gave her a scowl before turning it on me. “Well why the heck not?”