Alpha Moonstone

 Book #1

As alpha of the Moonstone Pack, I live by duty and honor to my pack. Vampires are the enemy. They brutally murdered my mother and sister, and I vowed to never lose another member of my pack to them. I’ve staked every vampire I’ve come across. Until I meet her

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Holy fuck that hurt. I’d been stabbed in the neck. Warmth rolled down my neck and pooled on my collarbone. I was bleeding. I had to fight back. My one arm was wedged between my body and my attacker, but my other hand was free.

I lifted my free hand and grasped them by the hair, trying to jerk them away. When that didn’t work, I used my nails to claw down their face. It did nothing. My vision was starting to blur. It had to be from the blood loss. Or the pain. I couldn’t be sure. It seemed like I was losing a lot of blood fast. As my strength failed, the steady slurping sound filled the alley. Like someone was sucking on my neck with a straw. Gah. I was losing it. I had to fight back. I couldn’t just give up.

My arms were leaden. My knees gave out. The attacker pushed me further into the wall to support my weight. Don’t give up, Anya. Keep fighting.

My pep talk did nothing. My vision glossed over. I blinked rapidly desperate to stay conscious. Who knows what would happen if I fell under?

A puff of dust exploded in my face. The pressure on my neck and body disappeared. I gagged as dust flew into my mouth. My unsteady feet were no match for the weight of my body. I toppled forward but never hit the ground.

“It’s okay,” a male voice said. He picked me up and carried me bridal style through the rest of the alley. I blinked up at him as the streetlights showed me his face. It was angelic. His eyes were a deep brown that matched his dark hair. His face was round with a set jaw that had a sexy amount of stubble on it. But his eyes, it was like he could see straight into my soul. He was by far the most handsome man I’d ever seen. Too bad I was dying. That’s what this was. My eyes slid shut. Go figure, I’d meet the hottest man I’d ever seen seconds before my death.