Immortal Maestro

 Book #1

Nova was a complication I didn’t need and a brat through and through. Why her parents appointed me her guardian, I’ll never understand. She was a musical prodigy, content to squander her gift. I was determined to hone her skills.

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This song mattered more than any other I’d played for him because this one had pieces of us in my interpretation of it. It was a place where we would be united forever, no matter what the future held for us.

After a quick peek at him, I started to play. I tapped into all my feelings. The song flowed from my fingertips in a kaleidoscope of red, orange, yellow and pink. It was beautiful.

Vince’s colors matched the song, only the hues surrounding him were more vibrant. He stole my breath. My body swayed with the melody. When I played the last note, silence creeped in and filled the void left by the song.

His gaze peered deeply into my soul, likely reading all my deeply held secrets, including my overwhelming feelings for him. “That was perfect. You want to know what I envisioned while you were playing, besides watching you fall apart as a result of my touch?”

I nodded. I wanted all the thoughts in his head.

“I pictured you stripped bare, kneeling on the floor, playing your violin for me like a good girl. Letting me conduct your body like I direct my orchestra,” he admitted.

Slowly, I rose to my feet and laid my violin on the seat. I gathered up every bit of bravery I possessed plus a hint of utter foolishness, and I whipped my shirt off over my head. Keeping my eyes focused on his, I shimmied out of my leggings. I wasn’t brave enough to strip all the way down. Gingerly, I eased down to my knees and picked up my violin. “You mean like this, maestro?” I asked as I settled the smooth wood beneath my chin.

He bit his finger as his gaze roved over my exposed flesh. “Just like that.” He got up and walked a slow circle around me, making my skin heat under the weight of his stare. “You look like a vision,” he rasped when he was back in front of me.

He moved to the piano. I watched, captivated as he settled on the bench, resting his hands on the keys.

“Play the song again,” he commanded.

“Yes, maestro.” I brought my bow up and pulled it across the strings as he started playing.

The two melodies flowed and intertwined, wrapping themselves around each other the way two pieces of a song about the ultimate fulfilment should. Arousal thickened the air as we played for each other, our gazes locked, our hearts seeking.

We reached the end sooner than I’d have liked. Electricity sparked between us, increasing in intensity rather than dissipating with the notes.

Gracefully, Vince moved from the piano across the plush carpet to where I continued to kneel. I stared at his muscular thighs flexing beneath his knit pants when he stopped directly in front of me. He wrapped his fingers around the neck of my violin and grasped my bow with his other hand. After setting my instrument aside, while holding onto the bow, he gazed down at me, cataloging every feature from his towering vantage point. He cupped my chin and tilted my head back so I was staring in his eyes.

“What’s going through that mind of yours, princess?” he wondered.




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