Protected by the Alien Space Pirate

 Book #5

Being a space pirate doesn’t make a being rich, which was why Rhilax was dealing with the biggest crime lord in the ten quadrants against his better judgment. He’s not prepared when the crime lord shows off an exotic slave, or when that slave turns out to be his fated. She’s good at zoning out, but it gets harder and harder to disregard the massive blue-skinned alien who tells her he is her fated mate, whatever that is. All she knows is if she doesn’t get away from him, she might never be free again.

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“But… why?” Why would he treat her with kindness? Why would he say these things to her?

“Because you are my mate. You are everything to me.” He’d said that to her before, but it still didn’t mean anything. It didn’t make any sense.

“I can’t… I’m not…” Even if he didn’t intend to harm her, she didn’t plan to be anything to anyone.

His mouth curved. Her gaze dipped to his mouth. His very kissable mouth. As he smiled, a dimple formed in his left cheek, at odds with the tough stubble along his jaw.

How could she notice something like that when she’d just sworn herself to keep her distance? She was more confused than ever.

“Relax, lore txikia. I don’t expect anything from you until you are ready. I will not push you for anything. You are safe with me.” He’d given her nothing to believe he was lying. She might be safe—for now—but she was also confused at the thought of him not pushing her for more.

Because against all reason, more was what she was tempted to give, and she didn’t know where the urge came from, or why she felt it at all.




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