Academy for Reapers Year One

 Book #1

Mean girls, homework, and the Untouchables—hot reaper guys with attitude. Of course I get partnered up with the meanest of the bunch. He’s got a serious chip on his shoulder and I find him irritatingly hot.

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The redheaded guy blocked our path and cast his gaze over me. “Who are you?”

Anne cleared her throat. “Rusty, this is Julie Sumners.”

“I’ve heard of you, Rusty. I’m Raven Erickson’s friend.” My voice shook a little. Crap, why was I being such a coward?

“The silver dragon?” He frowned. “I haven’t heard of you.”

I gave him my best friendly smile. “I was her best friend.”

“Oh, right, the human.” He forced me to back up. “I heard you were a spoiled rich bitch.”

I gasped. “It’s not true.”

“You weren’t driving your sweet red Mustang that your daddy bought you in a drag race when you killed poor Samantha?”

Tears stung my eyes. My chest tightened and all the feelings of missing my mom, dad, and all my friends swelled up in my heart. I clenched my fists, wanting to slap his handsome face. “Fuck you.”

I whirled on my heels and all I heard was his chuckle. How could Raven think this guy was a hero?