An Unexpected Claim

 Book #1

I never thought I’d see her again after our primal, passion filled night together. But finding Peyton’s nearly lifeless body on my land sends a shock to my system. She’s on the run from a serial killer and looking for an ally… not a mate.

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“I can’t believe you bit me,” Peyton snarled.

A wicked grin split my face and I released her, allowing her to scramble away and stand.

“Don’t pretend it didn’t get you off even harder, baby.” Peyton growled, but I smelled the spicy aroma of her arousal. She stomped to the bed and bent down to snatch my clothes off the floor, then tossed them at me.

My eyes narrowed with warning and she met them without a shred of alarm. As a powerful alpha, it was rare for anyone to stand up to me, and even more rare for someone to stand before me without even the smallest amount of fear.

It was incredibly hot, but it also pricked at the darker desires inside me. I wanted her to fear me, to bow for her alpha. In the light of day, she had no pack and therefore no one to answer to. But for this one night, I would own her, make her beg, make her crawl.




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